THis is our Terra Collection

in Italian,

1. la Terra (pianeta) the earth; (figurative) (mondo) the world
2. (terreno, suolo) ground,  (sostanza) soil ⧫ earth


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Explore more about our 2021 Weekly planner 

Our 2021 Weekly Planner is not another planner, but an instrument to improve your life by helping you to look at things in a different way. Each month, you'll have six goals to fulfil and share on our social media channels with #inchiostroandpaper.

The aim of our planner is to give you tips and suggestions to live a remarkable life and by taking small steps and actions around yourself, your relationships, your creativity, travels and adventures, finances and, of course, sustainability. 

Your 2021 inchiostro and paper weekly planner is the perfect place to find happiness, motivation and focus. As usual, our 2021 planner is filled with everything you need to help you with your daily plans, sail through packed weeks, and work on big dreams – all for yet another remarkable year ahead.


DESIGNED WITH YOU AT THE CENTER - MADE FOR EVERYONE - Our 2021 weekly planner is the perfect companion for men and women, students and professionals. It's the perfect place to collect brainstorming ideas as well as notes, schedules and ideas.


Our spacious, goals-filled, fun and minimal planner is like last years' planner. Only better. Much, much better. Our fourth inchiostro and paper weekly planner, like the first, the second and the third brings our own expertise in the stationery business, along with what has always characterised our products: life is so much more than a bunch of boring lines to schedule your life within.

Our 2021 planner is the place for you to put the seeds of your best ideas and dreams. Draw, sketch, write, colour, cut and paint. Oh! And while there is plenty of space for the unscheduled, there is also space for your meetings, birthdays, appointments and other stuff. 

Your planner, your world.


Our 2021 weekly planner is inspired and dedicated to our Terra (Earth) and it gives the name to our new limited edition the Terra Collection (coming out soon!). You can now add useful items to your weekly planner such as a pen holder, a bullet and paper book (at a super special price) or a desk planner to start the new year in the most organised way possible. From the drop-down menu, you can also opt to personalise your planner with an engraving like this (or make a gorgeous present to someone you love!)


  • monthly goals and weekly motivations to push you toward living a remarkable life

  • inspirational quotes to help you get through everyday life

  • 12 sustainability challenges to learn what we can do to preserve our planet

  • spacious notes page just for you to write, doodle, create, drawn, colour or paint or anything else you like to do

  • minimal, quirky, visionary and unique illustrations to show you that there is a fantastic world beyond the one we see every day

  • Bilingual planner English / Italian: it's a smart baby 👶🏼

  • PREMIUM, ECO-FRIENDLY, FSC PAPER: Our eco-friendly inchiostro and paper book is made with gorgeous paper which is easy on the eyes. The 100gsm FSC certified paper is strong and resistant and ink proof to all sort of pens, markers or writing instruments, and it allows ink to dispense smoothly across the paper. The paper doesn't allow ghosting for beautifully double-sided spreads and writing

  • STATE-OF-THE-ART PRINTING TECHNOLOGY AND BEST ITALIAN BINDING TRADITIONS: Our journals are made with state-of-the-art technique and the latest printing technology. Each book is rebound by hand to add the bookmark, the elastic band and the expandable pocket. Our extra-strong binding means even die-hard journalers won't ever have to worry about pages falling out. 

  • NEW: we invited international artists, creatives and illustrators to design something for our weekly. You will find their incredible artworks in our 2021 weekly planner.  

  • NEW: we've added a yearly review at the end of the planner so that you can review the past year and see what went well and what you need to work on  




  • Annual, monthly & weekly views

  • 1 Yearly spread for January 2021 - December 2021

  • a vertical, minimal layout to maximise space for each day

  • 200 pages

  • 11,5 x 18 cm - the perfect size to carry anywhere every day

  • durable, super-soft, soft-touch, luxury eco-friendly faux leather

  • 1 satin tale-coloured ribbon divider resistant and large elastic band

  • 100gsm beautiful, top quality, acid-free, FSC certified paper (because we care about the environment and not just about the costs)

  • expandable pocket in the back cover

Changing the world ♥️ planner at the time 

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