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For many, many years, I searched for a planner that was more than just a tool to organise my life. I wanted something to improve my life. Day by Day. Year after year. Something that was inspirational and motivation, something that helped me in the tough moments as well as that made me laugh. 


I searched everywhere, but the planner I had in mind, it didn't exist. 


Until, three years ago, I set out to make a planner unlike any other in the world. 

Today, I'm humbled to present you the fourth edition of this planner. Loved by me, but most importantly by thousands of you, around the world - our beautiful #inchiostrofam. 


Thank you. 

what's new?

in the 2021 weekly planner, you’ll find all of our usual and loved features, along with some exciting news:

  • yearly spread

  • 2 monthly spreads

  • 52 weekly spreads

  • monthly expense plan

  • 6 goals each month 

  • monthly sustainability challenges 

  • equal space for weekdays + weekends

  • dot grid note pages

  • inspiring quotes on every week

  • tale-coloured ribbon divider

  • expandable back pocket

  • softcover in vegan leather

  • 100% made in Italy from sustainable and certified materials. 

don't forget to add your favourite accessories

To make things more exciting, this year, you can personalise your planner with a handmade monogramming, add a pen holder or one of our gorgeous Bullet and Paper Book, Desk Planner or Timeless Undated Daily Planner. Simply select your favourite and get a box delivered to your home filled with all our best inchiostro and paper goodies.
meet our choose-your-own-adventure style lineup of planner accessories + customisations, to make your planner experience just right for you.

As always, we make our planners limited edition so that we don't have any waste or surplus once the sales period has ended. For three consecutive years, ALL our planners have sold out, are you going to be on time this year? 

explore the rest of the Terra Collection

After the success of the Ocean Collection, we come back with a brand new limited edition dedicated to our Terra (Earth in Italian). 

Our Planet Earth, as well as the place from where life comes from, past, real, imagined and future. 
Inhabitants of human, animal and vegetable matter. 

Bears, plants, laughing tigers, trees and houses, flying men and endless, rolling hills. 

This is the place we walk on. This is the place we should take care of.

This is our Home. 

This is our Terra. 

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*All the above products are currently on pre-order. Shipping will start during the month of October. Once your order is ready to be shipped, you'll receive an email with a tracking number. Please always check your spam folder before contacting us. Thank you for your help, patience and collaboration! 

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