Your new inchiostro and paper daily planner is the perfect place to find happiness, motivation and focus. As usual, our new planner is filled with everything you need to help you with your daily plans, sail through packed weeks, and work on big dreams – all for yet another remarkable year ahead. Our spacious, purpose-full, fun and minimal planner is like last year's planner. Only better. Much, much better. Our third inchiostro and paper collection, like the first and the second, brings our own expertise in the stationery business, along with what has always characterised our products: life is so much more than a bunch of boring lines to schedule your life within.Our daily planner is the place for you to put the seeds of your best ideas and dreams. Draw, sketch, write, colour, cut and paint. Oh! And while there is plenty of space for the unscheduled, there is also space for your meetings, birthdays, appointments and other stuff. With an entire page for each day, our daily planner is the most spacious planner to date. You've asked for it and here it is. Whether you are a student starting a new year in September, a lawyer, architect or teacher needing a planner that starts whenever our timeless daily planner is the solution for you. Spontaneous lives call for a planner that can be used timelessly with no restrictions, that will always have your back. The timeless planner has a header on every page which allows you to fill out a form of days, months and even years of your choosing. Not having a strict layout, you can also use it as a notebook. As always, the only rule is that there are no rules. The same vibe, the same vibrant design, more space for you. As always, the only rule is that there are no rules. Your planner, your world. PLANNER'S FEATURES: Inspirational quotes to help you get through life every day Spacious pages for you to write, doodle, create, drawn, colour or paint..or anything else you like to do Minimal, quirky, visionary and unique illustrations to show you that there is a fantastic world beyond the one we see every day Bilingual planner English / Italian: it's a smart baby 👶🏼 INFO & SPECIFICATIONS: undated planner - it starts when you need it without wasting pages when you are on holiday or away 148 x 210 mm (A5) - the perfect size to carry anywhere every day durable, super-soft, soft-touch, luxury faux leather lay-flat bookbinding - 180 degrees 1 satin tale-coloured ribbon divider resistant and large elastic band 100gsm beautiful, top quality, FSC certified Italian paper (because we care about the environment and not just about the costs) expandable pocket in the back cover PREMIUM, ECO-FRIENDLY PAPER Our eco-friendly inchiostro and paper book is made with gorgeous FEDRIGONI paper which is easy on the eyes. The 100gsm acid-free, FSC certified paper is strong and resistant and ink proof to all sort of pens, markers or writing instruments, and it allows ink to dispense smoothly across the paper. The paper doesn't allow ghosting for beautifully double-sided spreads and writing. SOFT, DURABLE AND SUSTAINABLE COVERThe hardcover is made with durable, soft faux leather. It looks and feels smooth and elegant and it lays flat for easy writing, drawing, and sketching. The round corner is designed to give extra resistance when it gets carried around. The cover material is ideal to protect your plans and ideas for years to come. ITALIAN, BEAUTIFUL & MINIMAL DESIGN:Our typical beautiful, minimal design that has characterised our past collections and our brand since day 1. Our designer brings premium quality at an affordable price. Our faux leather cover art and colourful bookmarks give your journal a distinctive look from all the other boring journal. ♥️ LITTLE COMPANY - HUGE QUALITYOur journals are made with state-of-the-art technique and the latest technology. Each book is rebound by hand to add the bookmark, the elastic band and the expandable pocket. Our extra-strong binding means even die-hard journalers won't ever have to worry about pages falling out.DESIGNED WITH YOU AT THE CENTER - MADE FOR EVERYONEOur 2020 daily planner is the perfect companion for men and women, students and professionals. It's the perfect place to collect brainstorming ideas as well as notes, schedules and ideas.



WRITE EVERYDAY AND ORGANISE YOUR LIFE BETTERThe more you practice writing, the more things you can write in your life. Great ideas come and go fast, jot them down right away. You can take notes when you’re in the meeting, listening to podcasts or in the classroom. If you want to find happiness, you can start to be grateful by writing down your appreciation or thankfulness. Cultivating positive psychology into our everyday living enables individuals to be more humble and appreciative. BE PART OF THE #INCHIOSTROFAMYou're not just buying a cute journal - you're joining a passionate and tight community. The #inchiostrofam is made of like-minded stationery-addicts all around the world who love to share their love for all paper things. Our blog is the best place to interact with other members of our community to share tips and inspire. TOP FACTS:✅ BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF: Unleash your hidden potential by hitting the goals we set for you every month ✅ WORK-LIFE BALANCE: use this journal to increase your work/life balance to make the most of your professional and personal life✅ SAY GOODBYE TO WASTED HOURS: It's not how many hours you put in, but what you put in the hours that count. How many hours do you actually work? How much do you sleep? Record appointments, organize and review the entire 24 hours of your day with this planner✅ ALWAYS HAVE THIS AT HAND: Never miss a moment of inspiration thanks to your new lightweight companion✅ DESIGNED FOR BUSY PEOPLE: Whether you are running your own business or teaching a class, this planner helps you stay organized and get the ideas you have down at key moments so you don't forget.✅ space for 10 months

Timeless Daily Planner - Inchiostro and Paper

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  • Our products are only made with FSC paper. 100% designed and 100% made in Italy. 

    'FSC' stands for Forest Stewardship Council, an organization that works to promote the practice of sustainable forestry worldwide. Forest Stewardship Council certification gives customers the option to choose forest products like paper and wood that have been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner.

    While choosing FSC-certified paper can increase paper costs by up to 40%, it does help the world to become a better place.

    We love to do that too. 

  • This planner is adorable; I love the small size and minimal design. It was exactly what I was looking for!
    Julia Konish

    Happy holidays!! Thank you so much for making such beautiful products. I have several of your notebooks and planners.
    Jim Le Clair (our first ever customer and constant supporter from North Carolina, USA)

    È un'idea di agenda unica, mai vista prima. Quando ne sono venuta a conoscenza ho pensato che l'avrei voluta ad ogni costo! Grazie inchiostro and paper!😍

    Barbara Cappellozza

    Penso che sia davvero l'agenda perfetta! Di gran lunga migliore alla Moleskine o altre agende famose! I vostri materiali e organizzazione sono top! Davvero i miei complimenti!

    [...] mai mi sarei aspettata di trovare,nella semplicità di tale oggetto, qualcosa di così bello, così ricco e pieno di energia come questa meraviglia che mi accompagnerà in questo nuovo anno che sarà sicuramente spettacolare. Per cui viva voi, i nuovi progetti, la bellezza, il Made in Italy!
    Kia ora and good luck with everything!

    Nancy Ieracitano

    Ho cercato e ricercato un'agenda che potesse rappresentarmi e "ospitare il mio anno e finalmente l'ho trovata!! Grazie davvero, perchè sfogliandola ci si rende conto di avere tra le mani un prodotto di qualità e creato con amore e passione. Brave brave brave ❤️

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