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Actualizado: 27 de nov de 2018

When we met Barbara we didn't really know what she would think about inchiostro and paper and our products. There is a scary feeling in walking into any shop and directly ask for a feedback or, worst, propose to buy some.

But with Barbara, there was not such a thing. She was welcoming, nice and impressed by our collections. Immediately she asked us to stock our 2019 planners and to organise an event at her gorgeous store to talk about inchiostro and paper.

This is what happens when you meet, and recognise, likeminded people. Barbara is surely one of us.

Libreria Zabarella, Padova, Italy

The library was inaugurated in 2014 with the aim of creating an exclusive space to the Italian and international independent publishing. The beautiful bookstore is located in the historic center of Padua and is housed in a 16th century building with an internal courtyard, a garden and large conference rooms. Lots of literature events take place at the Libreria Zabarella. From book-signing to exhibitions, from author presentations to relaxed aperitifs with editors and workshops.

inchiostro at Libreria Zabarella

The focus of Libreria Zabarella's selection is the illustrated volume: photography, contemporary art, design, architecture, graphics, illustration. All the selected books have something special: there are fluorescent covers, soft books, rough cardboard. There are also bold layouts and original graphics. The same goes for narrative which proposes hard-to-find publishers, young authors and, of course, our inchiostro and paper collection. We couldn't find a better fit in our hometown than the Libreria Zabarella. Welcome home, inchiostro! Watch the video of the presentation where we shared the story of how our paper dream turned into inchiostro and paper.

video credits: Serena Panariti

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