La Bottega delle Nuvole - our home in Pordenone

Actualizado: 14 de oct de 2019

We all know the world is a small place. But it's only since we've started this digital adventure that we realised what an actually tiny planet we live on. With online orders coming from every corner of the world, from San Francisco to Hong Kong, from New York to London, passing by Rome, Barcelona and Oslo, it's now incredible to think that our 2019 planner is now in the hands of so many of you spread around the world.

And living in a small world is the same feeling we had when Domingo found out about us through the inchiostro and paper presentation event in Padova, at the Libreria Zabarella. We easily fell into an exciting phone conversation before meeting in person in our lab. We soon understood how alike we were as Domingo had decided he wanted to include our 2019 collection in his new shop in Pordenone!

inchiostro and paper at the Bottega delle Nuvole

As we found out, he has a rather interesting story to tell.

Born in Caracas from an Italian family, Domingo Borneo moved back to Naples at the age of six. He kept dreaming about going back abroad, and eventually made it happen, travelling around the world with a career in marketing for four decades. Then, something special happened: he found his new home, this time in Pordenone (a nice city in the north east of Italy) and decided to stop. Here, Domingo realised yet another of his childhood dreams: opening up a shop.

Not exactly a bookshop nor exactly a stationery shop, La Bottega Delle Nuvole (literally “The shop of the clouds”) is a one-of-a-kind place. At the heart of Pordenone’s city centre, it’s the perfect spot to either begin or end a wandering walkabout.

La Bottega delle Nuvole, Pordenone

What can you find in this unusual bookshop?

In a city famous for its comics tradition, La Bottega Delle Nuvole follows the pattern. It sells a variety of comic books, form mainstream to smaller publications, with a special section for local authors, as well as graphic novels. More recently, it also opened a space for self-production of upcoming visual artists.

With books and paper objects regarded as special and beautiful in the shop, Domingo decided to start selling some creative stationery along with it. We are proud to have found such a home for our collection in Pordenone.

Come to meet us at our presentation event at La Bottega Delle Nuvole on December 14th, and find out how our paper dreams became true! La Bottega Delle Nuvole Vicolo delle Mura, 27 33170 Pordenone

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