Ethical, Gorgeous, Handmade Christmas Gifts Guide

It's that time of the year again and if you have been running around thinking about special Christmas presents but haven't found anything yet, don't fret.

We've got you sorted!

Here's a list of small, artisan brands we know, we love and can recommend not only because they do beautiful things, but also because they make everything with love, passion and, crucial for use, with a particular attention to their wenvironment impact. Here's inchiostro and paper 2019 Christmas Gifts Guide.

1. Cera una Bolla

Marika and Sara (and their three dogs) have become a reference point for me in the last few years. Cera una Bolla is so much more than a nice brand. Cera una Bolla is a business with a giant soul and heart that I've been lucky to discover over two years ago. And since then this beautiful couple has been a true inspiration and incredible support to me and inchiostro.

INSTA + SHOP: @ceraunabolla -

2. I sogni di Lumi

Martina was our neighbour at the Mondo Creativo show in Bologna last month. And I must say that in between our Hollywood-inspired crazy talks and her beautiful creations we had a great time together. If you are looking for something special, hand-made and beautiful, look no further. INSTA + SHOP: @isognidilumi - I sogni di Lumi

3. Pompelmo Handmade

Francesca and Marcella were also our neighbours at the Mondo Creativo exhibition in Bologna and for three days I went pass their stand and dreamed about one of their gorgeous creation. At the end, I did it and bought myself an impossible/possible neckless. It's around my neck since then, because you know what I think right?

Alone we can do little things, but together, impossible is nothing.

INSTA: @pompelmohandmade

4. Il viaggio di Odette

Naike makes the most gorgeous stamps in the world. So beautiful in fact that we asked her skilled hands to make our very own little human for our packages and cards. And, possibly a secret project we are working on fo 2020. Not only stamps, but also prints, cards, wood things and more! C INSTA + SHOP: @ilviaggiodiodette -

5. inchiostro and paper

And if you still haven't found the perfect gifts, don't forget to check our Christmas section where we've added lots of boxes and combos at a very special price!

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