Daily vs Weekly Planner? Which one is right for you?

Actualizado: 11 de oct de 2020

Daily Planner or Weekly Planner? Which one is right for you? It's a tough choice I know, this is why I've just compiled a list of the pros and cons for both planners and included a super special deals right at the bottom of this article.

When looking for a new planner, the most important thing to understand and keep in mind before deciding are your needs and habits.

Nowadays there are hundreds of planners available and we are constantly amazed (and thankful) that in such a crowded niche market we still managed to find a growing base of loyal customers. Thank you 🙏🏽

Anyway, before we get too emotional 😭here...Let's get back to the hot topic of this article, because this is a tricky choice for many.

daily planner vs weekly planner: what's best?

Well, the quick answer is that there is no such thing as the best. Both the daily and the weekly planners are meant to help you organise your life, but if you choose the wrong one it can be a problem. Perhaps you think you need a daily planner but then you end up leaving most pages empty as you find it easier to schedule your appointment on you phone or desk planner. On the contrary, you might be used with a weekly planner but as you've changed job, started working from home, a new uni course, school, and you suddenly feel overwhelmed because you have lots of new things to keep track of, but the reduced space doesn't allow you to write everything down.

Here’s a rundown of the main differences between a daily planner and a weekly planner along with pros and cons for both to help you choose the right one for you. Because in the end, nothing else really matters, right? You are at the center.

My Current Setup

I love organisation but I love writing too, and this is why, I now use a combo made of a Bullet and Paper Book (which I use to organise my entire life), a Weekly Planner for all my appointments and that I always carry with me, a Timeless Daily Planner which sits on my bedside table and I use as writing and gratitude journal and, obviously, a desk planner where I quickly set my daily to-do list.

Weekly Planner

For my entire life, I’ve always used weekly planners. The reason why I always picked the weekly vs daily planner? Well, in my previous life - having a normal Monday-Friday job - for me, it was ideal to see all my week's meetings and appointments at a glance. And that became a habit for me. Every year hunting for a special and inspirational weekly planner. Most of the time being disappointed as I couldn't find what I was looking for. This is the reason why I started inchiostro and paper by the way: to create a planner that didn't exist yet. Now that I'm an entrepreneur AND freelancer, typical weekends don't have any meaning for me as I often work on Saturday and Sunday, while I might be at the beach or exploring something new on a Monday or a Thursday.

The Pros of Weekly Planners

  • WEEKLY OVERVIEW: as mentioned, the main purpose of a weekly planner is to have a clear idea of what's going on during your week. Most of the time, daily planners don't have a place for a weekly view, so you have to use a separate notebook or desk planner for that.

  • WEIGHT and SIZE: our weekly planner is only 186gsm which means that it makes it easier to carry them with you all day. An important thing to consider if you go to school/uni/work with a backpack already heavy of books, laptop and other stuff.

Overall, I’ve always found that weekly planners are the best option if you only want to keep track of the main things and maybe add a Daily Planner for your thoughts, ideas and notes. Right now, my Weekly Planner is the perfect companion to my Bullet and Paper Book as I think I finally found the perfect organisational set up for my needs.

The Cons of Weekly Planners

  • The main issue (but for some people the main advantage) of weekly planners is the limited space for writing so that the important stuff is immediately visible. Personally, I jot down all my actual appointments/calls and meetings on my desk planner and keep the space on my weekly planner to outline my projects and appointments.

  • Normally, weekly planners have minimal space for each day of the week into a two-page spread. Most weekly planners don't feature any extra space for your meal planning, budgeting, health or money tracking. However, if you really have to buy a weekly planner, our 2021 weekly planner, with its three monthly views, expense tracker, monthly focus and to-do list page is a real exception among the weekly planners out there!

Daily Planner

The Pros of a Daily Planner

On daily planners, you can be sure there’s room for everything you want to write down. If you have a lot of stuff going on most days or you just like to write down every single little thing or personal notes, then a daily planner is probably your best bet.

  • A LOT OF SPACE: A daily planner has enough room for your full daily schedule, to-do list, notes and all sort of things you like to write or doodle down. Daily planners are typically larger than weekly planners. They have a lot of space to write. The majority of the daily planners on the market are list of plain, empty blank pages, but our timeless daily planner, for example, comes with additional tools like monthly overviews, goal-setting pages and lots of inspirational quotes.

  • NO FIXED DATES: Most daily planners are undated, like ours. This is a practical reason to reduce the size of the planners by allowing you to decide when you need a new page. It's great as you don't have to wait until January 1st to start your remarkable life and it's perfect if for example, you are a student in need of a new planner in September.

The Cons of Daily Planners

  • SIZE: Daily planners tend to be larger, which can be a problem if you like to carry it with you everywhere. Ours is a 14x21cm so a regular A5 size.

  • WEIGHT: during my market research - aka stationery shopping overdose 🤣 - I've seen some daily planners which were heavier than a brick. Not joking. Some of them were far too heavy to even think to carry them out of the shop, imagine to carry them with you every day in your bag! Not to brag about 😁, but our daily planner, made with very special and sustainable paper, at 340 pages only weights 400 g so you can easily carry it with you everywhere!

And finally, here is the answer you were waiting for!

Choose a Weekly Planner if:

  • you need to have a bird view of your week's work/study and things to do;

  • you feel overwhelmed by the idea of having to fill the pages;

  • you work on projects and tasks over multiple days;

Choose a Daily Planner if:

  • you need space to write down a lot of things;

  • you want extra room for your things: expense, fitness, shopping list etc...

  • you have a lot going on in your daily schedule and a long to-do list every day.

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