Cartoleria Pisetta - Our home in Trento

The hardest part of starting a new business is deserving the trust of customers. Day after day. Last year, when we started it was so quick we didn't even had to think about it. We launched inchiostro and paper on our instagram page and soon enough our tiny stock was sold out on pre-order. But this year, having printed a much bigger volume in two varieties plus a new notebook collections, we soon realised we were into something much, much bigger. Thanks to a careful and strategic use of social media (our founder Sabrina, is a business strategist and consultant -not for nothing LOL!), we soon realised that there was a huge interest from every corner of the world. However, buying from an e-commerce, especially from a new e-commerce and a new brand, is never smooth. People want to touch and feel a product before buying it. People want to know if they can trust that brand before spending money. This is why, we decided to take our sales offline too. It wasn't an business move, it was more of a marketing move to get to know our clients and to get us known by them.

ph. credits: Cartoleria Pisetta

This is why we selected a handful of very special partners and exclusively sell through extremely nice people. This is how our collaboration with the Cartoleria Pisetta in Trento started. A very nice shop and a beautiful person running it. Paola Pisetta was one of the very first to get our collections and to welcome us into her store. Why? Because she's amazing and we love her style and philosophy - which perfectly aligns to ours.

ph. credits: Cartoleria Pisetta

Her stationery store in Via del Brennero is the last addition to the Pisetta family shops, which was started by Domenico Pisetta back in 1887. Today, this beautiful shop is run by Paola, the fourth Pisetta generation. In the past five years, Paola has totally transformed her store from a B2B shop to a stationery heaven for anyone who loves paper and all its derivates. You can now find the entire inchiostro and paper collection along with all her beautiful products at the Cartoleria Pisetta in Trento. Info & Details: Cartoleria Pisetta Via Del Brennero 13 38122 Trento - TN facebook


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