No more Post-it: 10 reasons why you need a desk planner

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The era of post-its is thankfully over. I used to have them all around my desktop back in my office days in London. Lots of little colourful sticky notes with things to remember that I would A L W A Y S forget to get done. No wonder why.

But my life has changed since I've discovered the power of desk planners. Seriously. This is the place where I make quick notes I later transcribe in better calligraphy my Bullet and Paper Book, but it's also the place that gives me a complete overview of the week and the days ahead. Being comfortably sitting in front of me all day long it's also where I annotate nice thing that happen during the day - which I punctually report in nicer handwriting on my gratitude journal on my planner at night. Since I fell in love with desk planners, I've tried many types before printing our very own inchiostro and paper desk planner. Some were too large, other far too small. The ones I bought for cheap in some big chain shop had useless glue which would make me pull too many pages every time.

And now, the most annoying thing of these silly desk calendar: Pages glued at the bottom where your elbows sit and move as you type on your keyboard. And those unwanted paper ears? Nothing more annoying than that in life. Well maybe there are other few annoying things, but order and organisation on my desk are essential to get my job done and this is why I had our desk planners glued at the bottom. A tiny, crucial, very smart detail. No dog ears, no risk of ruining pages, no pages leaving before due time.

8 reasons why you need to get a desk planner:

Whether you have made your own desk calendar or are thinking of buying ours, the 8 reasons why you need a desk planner still ring true.

Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else. ~ Peter Drucker

1. No more procrastination

Every student but also professional, needs a visual system that will keep important dates and projects organised. Having a desk planner leads to more efficient time management and less procrastination. Luckily, our calendars are formatted in such a way that a whole week of assignments clearly stands in front of your eyes and tasks can be crossed off as you get them done.

I used to be the Queen of Procrastination, but since I've started my tiny stationery brand, inchiostro and paper, I could no longer pretend I didn't have a place to write my to-do lists and appointments. With a desk calendar in front of your eyes, it will be harder to avoid your work. It's simple psychology: it's harder to slack off when you see your to-do list staring you all day long.

2. Quick and easy to refer to

Do you get a call or a new assignment while you are in the middle of something? I get it, it's super annoying and it takes time to open up your daily planner or your weekly planner and search for the right date. On your desk planner instead, you simply scroll the weeks to make a quick note of your new appointments in real time. Your desk calendar is always right there.

You can even glue it to your wall next to a cool print like this one (stay tuned on our shop 🤫) to have it always in front of you.

When I'm studying or writing long articles and I feel I want more space on my desk, I normally stick it with some mouldable and removable glue on the wall.

Out of the way, but still never out of sight so if someone asks for a meeting/call I can immediately refer to my desk planner and give them a quick answer without having to scroll my entire planner.

3. Put things into perspective

Sometimes, I set off my work week thinking is going to be a light one as I'm still to do the migration (soon a blog post about this part of the bullet journal method) of the past week on my Bullet and Paper Book. But then, a quick flick through the weeks of my desk planner and I immediately realise what and when I need to get done. A desk calendar helps me to get started on things well in advance rather than rushing things at the last second. Since I'm a solo entrepreneur AND a freelancer, I often have overlapping projects and my desk planner helps me stay on top of things.

4. Be & Feel inspired

I like words and I believe the right connection among them is magic. I also love quotes (your 2020 daily and weekly planners are scattered with my favourite quotes of all time!), this is why, in the design of our desk planner we reserved an area to scribble down an inspirational or motivational quote every week of the year. Sometimes we only need a little of self-encouragement or, maybe we need to focus on something specific for a few days. Use your words of the week area as your own space to inspire yourself.

5. Space for your creativity

The way you lay out your desk calendar is completely up to you, as there is lots of room for creativity. We've decided to keep it in black and white - exactly like all our products - because we want you to personalise each page of any inchiostro and paper planner or journal as you wish. We printed a little design on the bottom right for you to colour while you are on long phone calls or to give to someone with a little note on the back.

Our desk calendars also offer lots of room to write, as there's an additional "notes" section at the bottom of each page.

6. Shopping and to-do list in real time

How often have you gone home after your shopping only to realise you forgot one of the ingredients you need for supper? Or toilet paper? Exactly for this reason, we've added a tearable column on the right hand side for your shopping list so that you fill it as soon as something comes to mind rather than when you stand in front of the fridge and can't remember what you actually need. I normally write down the fruit and veggies I'm going to buy at the farmers' market on Sunday. It's a life saver. No more onions missing.

7. Personal and Work/Study Life in one place

We've made our desk planners as large as possible so that you can annotate both important appointments and exams as well as meetings with your friends and thoughts. Its size is actually calculated to perfectly fit between your screen and your keyboard if you use a desktop computer. If you use a laptop, it's designed to give extra support to your elbows while you type away.

8. Get over it

One of the things I love the most about our desk planner is that you can actually more than cross off things on your list. You can tear your to-do list away. And I swear, for a busy bee like me, the feeling of ripping off pages is great! It really makes me feel as I've accomplished something! Additionally, if on my planner I try to keep a neat and clear calligraphy at all times, there is such a satisfaction in writing in all colours and crossing things off as they come on my desk planner.

9. No risk to lose it

The best part of a desk calendar? You can't lose it. Everybody as lost something in their lives. Might be their planner, house keys, dog or something else. But I guess that losing your schedule and appointments would be a major a disaster for most of us. But with a desk planner, which stays at home on your desk, you don't have the risk of losing all your deadlines and meetings.

You always know where your information is and will never forget when an important project/assignment is due. The perfect combo is, of course, to use both a planner AND a desk calendar because you might be out when you need to add something new to your schedule, but it's clear that a desk planner can improve your productivity by 19450350%. By the way, if you haven't decided between a daily or a weekly planner, yet, this article can help you make the right decision.

10. Extra tip for bloggers and social media managers

If you, like me are a blogger (on top of other things...), a desk planner is perfect to keep your editorial calendar organised and yourself up to date with things you need to publish and new ideas. Pssst! I actually use two desk planners: one is for my every day appointments and things to do and one is my dedicated editorial calendar for my blog activity. I love to visually see everything and know exactly where I am at. I guess this set up is also perfect for social media managers who need to schedule social media posts and things in advance and always be on top of festivities and other events.

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