ciao, this is

inchiostro and paper.

the inspirational, ethical, minimal stationery brand.


inchiostro and paper

inchiostro and paper was born out of an obsessive love of all things paper and the need unmet by the market of paper goods made with certified paper and ethical standards.

Since October 2017, inchiostro and paper has offered various collections of sustainable, ethical, minimal luxury paper goods stores around the world through this shop and over 30 stores.

 Our design is inspirational, minimal and fun and our products are completely guilt/plastic-free.

We hope you find something you will love.



Like the best wines, it took a long time for me to be ready. To be exact it took over ten years from conception to creation.  


Inchiostro = ink 

io = I

dream. write. create.

Using any of the inchiostro and paper products,
you are at the centre.


Not your meetings and commitments,
 but your time and you.


When we created our first planner, we wanted to produce something that was nothing like the other planners, nothing was set there, no boxes to be filled or set schedule. On our planners, every month is different from the previous one and pages are created to inspire you to draw, colour, write as much as you want.

inchiostro and paper's planners are made to be carried everywhere because you never know when the inspiration comes.
Every single detail is crafted with care and love to make sure

you’ll live a remarkable life.


inchiostro and paper's products are going to inspire you, push you beyond your comfort zone, challenge your limits and ask you to do more, to be nicer and ultimately to live better.


Like the best wines, it took a long time for me to be ready. To be exact it took over ten years from conception to creation.  

inchiostro and paper's mummy, Sabrina AKA The Storyteller, firstly thought about me when she was at school, then at uni and later at work in those long, busy London office days.

She wanted me to be original, beautiful, minimal, inspirational and, of course, organised. 


But, like the best things in life,  

it needs more than one person to create something amazing and it was only in Autumn 2017 that, in front of a glass of wine(yes, it's true, it was a couple of bottles…) and two other dreamers that the idea of Inchiostro turned into reality. 



Elena AKA Paloma, the young and talented designer, gave shape and sense, turning my thoughts and ideas into visionary illustrations and her minimalist style has become the inchiostro and paper main visual feature. 


Our products speak English and Italian
But they are 100% Italian.





We make sustainable,
plastic-free, luxury
paper goodies.
all presented beautifully.

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Support a young and small business and contribute to make the world a better place. 

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